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Congrats to Wally on getting Married... dumbass!!!
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 A good Joke

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Scottish Cyclops
Scottish Cyclops

PostSubject: A good Joke   Tue Sep 08, 2009 8:31 am

So a man walks up to this bartender and says"hey ill bet you $300 that I can piss in that glass over there and not miss a single drop!" the bartender thinks for a second and says"so you are saying that you will bet me $300 that you without moving can piss in that glass 10 feet over there and not miss a single drop?" the man says" that's right are we on?" the bartender accepts. The man pulls down his pants with a loud grunt that last like 5 seconds then piss starts going everywhere all over the bar, the phone, even on the bartender but none in the glass. The bartender laughing says where is my $300 you lost the bet. The man walks to the back of the bar at the pool tables and talks to 2 men for a minute then comes back to the bar laughing and puts the $300 on the bar. The bartender says" why are you laughing you just lost $300?" The man says because i bet the 2 guys at the pool table $500 each that i could come up to the bar piss all over the bar, the phone, and you and not only would you not get mad but you would laugh about it!!"
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A good Joke
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